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  • high performance seals High performance PTFE lined seals enabling higher running speeds, temperatures, offering reduced frictional losses. Click here >>
  • Drive Shaft Boots Bespoke compact CV boot assemblies designed using non-linear Finite Element Analysis, enabling significant weight and packaging reductions. Click here >>
  • Accumulator Bladders Accumulator bladders for high frequency cycling and compression ratios uniquely suited for applications with high vibration, lateral and vertical G loading. Click here >>
  • Vibration Isolation Mounts High performance anti-vibration mounts designed using non-linear Finite Element Analysis to determine the system response to dynamic disturbances. Click here >>
  • Precision Mouldings Precision elastomeric components, advanced materials, optimum performance manufactured to the highest standards for demanding applications. Click here >>
  • Moulded Gaskets Precision gaskets for oil pumps, hydraulic manifolds and fuel systems, offering rubber or high pressure bonded plates. Click here >>
High Performance Seals2 Drive Shaft Boots1 Accumulator Bladders4 Vibration Isolation Mounts3 Precision Mouldings5 Moulded Gaskets6
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