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Race-Tec Sealing Ltd Hydraulics
Accumulator Bladders

Race-Tec is a leading supplier of Accumulator Bladder and Accumulator assemblies.

Race-Tec bladder accumulator technology is more responsive than piston style units as there is no requirement to overcome static friction. They are particularly suited to systems where high frequency pressure cycling occurs and provide excellent performance when subjected to high vibration, lateral and vertical G loading.

A hydraulic accumulator is split into two cavities. One side is charged with nitrogen gas and the other side connected to a hydraulic system. The accumulator enables a hydraulic system to cope with extremes of operation allowing it to respond quickly to a temporary demand, and smoothing out pulsations.

Using MSc Marc non-linear Finite Element Analysis package, we offer a custom designed Accumulator Bladder and Accumulator assemblies to meet the requirements of motorsport, high performance super cars, and all-terrain vehicles.

This enables Race-Tec to offer unsurpassed compression ratios of up to 14:1 and service to cope with the most demanding applications. Race-Tec Accumulator bladders are manufactured using special material formulations that have been developed specifically, offering:

  • Low Permeation to Nitrogen.
  • Fluid resistance to performance motorsport fluids.
  • Broad operating temperature range -40 to 180°C

Want to find out more?

"Nonlinear Analysis of an EPDM Hydraulic Accumulator Bladder"

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"Accumulator Specification Sheet"

Download our Accumulator Specification Sheet
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