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Race-Tec Sealing Ltd Pneumatics
Compressor Seals

Race-Tec high performance PTFE lined rotary screw compressor seals differ from many of the available stiff lip PTFE wafer seals on the market. During the manufacturing process the PTFE lip section is formed, chemically bonded and moulded into the elastomer substrate. This substrate provides a flexible and reactive backing to the PTFE lip material.

Using MSc Marc non-linear Finite Element Analysis package during the design of the seal ensures that the lip runs the minimum required radial lip force, reducing friction, heat generation, and oil carbonisation. This results in reduced shaft and seal wear, a lengthening of service intervals and potential savings in energy and replacement parts.

Race-Tec has a range of standard size rotary screw compressor seals, we also have the capability to produce bespoke seals for specialist machines or undertake prototype development in-house at our UK production facility.

The pictures below show the seal and shaft journal still in perfect conditions after 2,000 hours running with an air temperature of 120ºC

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