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Race-Tec Sealing Ltd Energy Saving
Energy saving / Environmental

With today's focus on climate change and reduction of carbon emissions manufacturers are looking at ways of improving the energy efficiency of their products. Race-Tec experience in motorsport has led us to develop the most energy efficient seals for the application, maintaining the fine balance between efficiency and reliability.

When specifying a seal for your product, most designers refer to a standard catalogue selecting the seal by size and material suitable for their application. Many of these standard seals have been designed to suit a wide range of applications and may not be the most energy efficient solution for your product. Race-Tec has the knowledge to offer the optimum solution, whether it is a low friction rubber seal, or our higher performing PTFE lined seals. Either through our own design and manufacturing facilities in the UK or through our manufacturing partners we should be able to offer an energy efficient solution to suit your budget.

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