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Race-Tec Sealing Ltd Gears
High Performance Seals

Race-Tec is able to offer a bespoke solution for the more demanding applications where catalogue seals restrict your design. In most circumstances catalogue seals have been designed to suit a wide range of applications resulting in a product that is larger, heavier, and has higher frictional losses preventing you from optimising your products performance and/or size.

Catalogue elastomer seals are typically produced using Fluorocarbon (FKM), Nitrile (NBR), Hydrogenation Nitrile (HNBR) each compound has varying performance limits in terms of temperature, surface speeds and fluid compatibility. Elastomer seals typically run with higher friction resulting in increased temperature, higher shaft wear and subsequent oil degradation.

For High Performance applications which demand maximum performance Race-Tec are able to offer a hybrid PTFE (Teflon®) elastomer seal, which is produced by forming and chemically bonding a layer of PTFE on to the seal lip allowing high surface speeds to be attainted and significantly reduced power losses. However, unlike PTFE seals with a thin sprayed PTFE coating or seals which use single or multiple PTFE wafers our PL Technology retains the inherent flexibility the elastomer and combines this with the low friction performance of PTFE.

Race-Tec PL technology offers superior life and performance and are used extensively in all classes of motorsport.

Motorsport Products

Accumulator Bladders
Custom rubber Accumulator Bladders.
Precision Elastomeric Components
Custom designed elastomeric product.
Drive Shaft Boots
High Performance driveshaft CV boots of Motorsport.
Engine Seals
High Performance PTFE lined engine seals.
Hubs / Uprights Seals
High Performance compact PTFE lined seals.
Transmission Seals
High Performance PTFE lined Transmission seals.
Vibration Isolation Mounts
Custom design AV mounts and shock protection.
Water Pump Seals
High Performance ultra-compact Water Pump Seals.

Industrial Products

Custom designed driveline assemblies.
Custom designed seals for wind turbines.
Pharmaceutical Seals
PTFE lined seals permitted under
CFR 21 FDA 177-2600.
Rail/Transport Products
High Performance PTFE lined seal for passenger doors.
Compressor Seals
High Performance PTFE lined seals for rotary screw compressors.
Special Projects
Bespoke Product and Projects.
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