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Race-Tec Sealing Ltd Upright
Hubs / Uprights

High performance PTFE lined Hub/ upright seals for superior operation in harsh environment and high temperature applications. Custom designed to your requirements.
•Max Surface Speed: 33m.s-1
•Max Operating Temperature: 230ºC
•Fluid/Grease Compatibility: Any
•Lip Configuration: Custom Designed

Race-Tec introduced the low friction compact PTFE (Teflon®) lined seals into Formula1 in 1992, rapidly becoming the 'state of the art' and enabling space and weight savings to be achieved in the uprights. The wide range of designs and technologies make our seals are suitable for use with all fabricated upright assembles and wheel hub components in current and historic race car applications.

The ultra-narrow designs, 2.7 - 3.5mm, have been used in large bore diameters up to 300mm so far. For the more aggressive applications such as WRC and Rally Raid unitised designs have been produced with multiple sealing lips to prevent dirt and water ingress.

Race-Tec also produces low friction designs with and without PTFE lined lips for ceramic bearings with integral seals. These seals can also be produced to replace existing OEM seals used in standard wheel hub bearings found in many 'formula' type race cars, including the highly competitive F3 series.

  • Typical Applications
  • Performance Data
  • Shaft Machining Criteria

Integral Beaing Seals
Ceramic Bearings

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"Seal Specification Sheet"
Download our Seal Specification Sheet

Superior Performance Seals to suit your application.

Typical Surface Speed: 33m.s-1
Max Operating Temperature: 230ºC

>30 watts at 3000 Rpm
Ultra Low shaft wear 3-5µm TYP

Roughness: Ra = 0.20-0.43 µm
Rz = 1.65-2.90 µm
Rpm = 0.50-1.25 µm
Hardness:45-60 HRC
Finish:Plunge grinding with 80 grit wheel
Shaft Lead <0±0.05º
Allow to spark out
Do not traverse the grinding wheel
Do not use Conical wheels
Grinding chatter:None allowed > 45 cycles (lobes)
(OOR) Out of Roundness:< 0.0050 mm at a max of 2 lobes
< 0.0025 mm at a max of 7 lobes

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