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Race-Tec Sealing Ltd Anti Vibration
Vibration Isolation Mounts

Race-Tec has continued to invest in their Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis package to allow for the simulation of Vibration Isolator's and Shock Absorbers. Race-Tec can now offer custom designed AV components within a 4 week production lead time.

Race-Tec material testing capabilities have been further extended allowing Dynamic Modulus Analysis [DMA] to be carried out on their materials, providing the Storage and Loss modulus on the compounds from 0.1Hz to 600Hz. Using Temperature Time Supposition a complete polynomial model of the material properties is established.

Using MSc Marc Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis package, a 2D or 3D model of the proposed component is created, a mesh is applied and the polynomial material model from the DMA testing is imported and the simulation of isolator's frequency response is completed.

This enables Race-Tec to offer Harmonic Analysis based on the applications disturbing frequencies and provides a frequency response curve typically supplied as a transmissibility curve.

Using the very latest material modelling and testing methods Race-Tec can offer:

  • Displacement, Acceleration and Velocity response curves
  • Tuned mount geometry to ensure the resonance frequency does not coincide with the disturbing frequencies or extreme vertical g events
  • High g events shock absorber analysis
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"Vibration Isolation Mount Specification Sheet"

Download our Vibration Isolation Mount Specification Sheet
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